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Natural Wood Tiles are some of the most visually stunning mosaic designs on the market. Whether you are creating an accent wall in your living room or designing a restaurant; the classic, yet modern style of Forest Elements will make any interior space feel warm and inviting. 



Our beautiful tiles are achieved with the use of thermally modified wood and a UV sealant. As an environmentally friendly product, our team has strived to ensure the use of materials that protect mother nature by using a state-of-the-art kiln in our process. Our kiln removes the need to use toxic chemicals to treat the wood. During the process a controlled pyrolysis is utilized during a 2-3 day period which changes the chemical structure. This makes the thermally modified wood more durable and able to withstand seasonal changes without using chemicals to achieve the desired result. Every piece is uniquely hand-crafted to showcase the character of the lumber and we pride ourselves on inspecting all materials for quality and assurance. 


Every piece is handcrafted and showcases the unique characteristics of the lumber that went into its production. Before final assembly, our wood chips are inspected for flaws and defects which don’t meet our high quality standards.


We source 100% of our wood from American and Canadian timber companies.  Through the environmentally friendly process of thermal modification our wood is: more durable, has an increased biological resistance to insects, absorbs less moisture, is much lighter in weight, and has a naturally darkened color.   

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