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See. Feel. Smell. Experience. Organoid offers surfaces made of natural raw materials. These sustainable products can be applied on various carrier boards such as:  high pressure laminates, self-adhesive films, fleeces, textiles, etc. Thanks to a gentle production process, these gorgeous surfaces highlight the natural features of scent, color and feeling preserved with organic materials. Organoid surfaces are delivered without any sealings, so the natural fibers still can be sensed. For higher resistance further sealing treatments are possible. No (artificial) aromas or colors are added and so our natural surfaces smell according to their natural characteristics and help to improve the room atmosphere. Ethically sourced and manufactured in Austria.

Screenshot 2022-03-28 105104.png

Organoid Surfaces are practically emission-free and allergy-tested, ecological and harmless to health, climate regulating and are produced in a

climate-positive manner. Only suitable for indoor

use without further sealing. In order to meet particularly high requirements for abrasion, water and scratch resistance and lightfastness, our surfaces can be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes.

The abundance of nature gives us everything we need for our natural surfaces from alpine hay to hop umbels and cornflower blossoms to Swiss stone pine. Any natural raw material can be used. Preferably using organically and regionally produced raw materials that are not processed further in conventional production, we rely on regional partners and short transport routes. To enable individual upcycling storytelling we are also happy to process material from the production or region of our customers.

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